SOA solutions

A service-oriented architecture (SOA) is an architectural pattern in computer software design in which application components provide services to other components via a communications protocol, typically over a network. The principles of service-orientation are independent of any vendor, product or technology.

A service is a self-contained unit of functionality, such as retrieving an online bank statement. By that definition, a service is a discretely invokable operation. However, in the Web Services Definition Language (WSDL), a service is an interface definition that may list several discrete services/operations. And elsewhere, the term service is used for a component that is encapsulated behind an interface. This widespread ambiguity is reflected in what follows.

Services can be combined to provide the functionality of a large software application. SOA makes it easier for software components on computers connected over a network to cooperate. Every computer can run any number of services, and each service is built in a way that ensures that the service can exchange information with any other service in the network without human interaction and without the need to make changes to the underlying program itself.

WSBA (Web Services Backbone Architecture)

BSoftMiner's Web Services Backbone Architecture (WSBA) is one of our flagship products/solutions specially designed for organizations that require mission-critical applications. WSBA consists of BSoftMiner's unique Enterprise Business Solutions (EBS) and ad-hoc product components.

WSBA is based on many industry standards, technologies and BSoftMiner's unique solutions, such as Web Services, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), J2EE, Internet security, BSoftMiner's Permission Generator, etc. The implementation of WSBA is currently running stably in our financial clients' daily business systems.

iPhone/iPad Apps

BSoftMiner develops dozens of iPhone/iPad apps. We also provide apps on a partnership basis.

GraphicNotes (图文笔记本) can create notes of text and figures. Notes are organized in a tree hierarchy and can be imported or exported. This app supports multiple languages.

With Sha!, you can play dozens of amazing Chinese traditional games in one single app! This app supports multiple languages.

Block2048 is a game of 2048 family with blocks to make it much more challenging. This app supports multiple languages.

3 in 9 is a game that you need to find out 3 from 9 pictures, which represent a certain topic. This app supports multiple languages.

Mortgalator is a simple yet powerful all-in-one mortgage calculator.