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Success is about making the right connections between people, pinpointing your objectives, and finding solutions. Through an optimal mix of internal staff, external consulting resources, and project outsourcing, BSoftMiner can help you take strategic approaches to boost your performances. Because we take the time to properly understand the needs of our clients, we can help you make exceptional connections and achieve greater levels of success.

Project/Software Outsourcing

Offshore/Nearshore Development Center

  • Extend your in-house IT staff at a lower cost
  • Reduce time to market
  • Increase flexibility
  • Strengthen your product Quality Assurance

From a single piece of functional programming code to complete projects/software packages, BSoftMiner is here acting as a flexible "coding team" to help you manage project budgets by providing you with professional deliverables on time and on request.

Other Services

BSoftMiner is ready to provide you more other services. Please contact us for more details.

iPhone/iPad Apps

BSoftMiner develops dozens of iPhone/iPad apps. We also provide apps on a partnership basis.

GraphicNotes (图文笔记本) can create notes of text and figures. Notes are organized in a tree hierarchy and can be imported or exported. This app supports multiple languages.

With Sha!, you can play dozens of amazing Chinese traditional games in one single app! This app supports multiple languages.

Block2048 is a game of 2048 family with blocks to make it much more challenging. This app supports multiple languages.

3 in 9 is a game that you need to find out 3 from 9 pictures, which represent a certain topic. This app supports multiple languages.

Mortgalator is a simple yet powerful all-in-one mortgage calculator.